Internet by SilverFox Broadband

Internet users in Senior Housing Communities are expected to increase 300% over the next 10 years – are you prepared?

SilverFox Broadband is the first and only company in the country to specialize in providing Internet service to the residents of senior housing communities nationwide. SilverFox provides wholesale Internet solutions to properties so they can provide the service to their residents at a discount and with better service. SilverFox then provides the on-going management and support for both the networks and the residents.

Residents save money and receive better service. Properties can choose to pass the entire savings of a wholesale solution on to the residents or mark it up as a revenue generator while also saving the residents money. The network can also be leveraged to provide HIPAA compliant service to the staff – saving the property the money and headaches of building and managing your own network.

Internet service can be offered as a stand-alone product or in combination with SilverFox TV or Phone services

  • 24X7, U.S. based support
  • WiFi, DSL, Cable modems, Ethernet or Fiber
  • New or existing construction
  • Saves residents money
  • Potential revenue source for property
  • Leverage the network to also serve the staff
  • Completely managed so it’s hassle free for the community manager

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